With the great number of customers rising sharply each years thank to our high- qualified services, Asia Plus Travel now is a new leading travel agent in Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia. The significant attraction of Asia Plus Travel is that we operate and offer customers the most suitable tours with lowest expenses. Our main customers are from Australia, America, European and other nations in Asean nations.


We offer our customers a diversity of tours with our best passion and profession such as cultural tours, luxury holidays, cruise tours, beach tours, adventure tours and short break. We operate cultural tours for customers who want to travel together with studying about culture of arrival regions while luxury holidays is the time for relax and enjoy the luxurious services. Also, adventure tours for someone who love to explore, discover new places with the most natural ways.


Currently, we are operating with around 50 professional and dedicated members who are working with their most enthusiam. Moreover, we are connecting with our partners to build new tours for our customers with unexplored destinatons. Sharing a deep commitment to our unique style of travel, each members in our family love to provide you with the holiday experience of a lifetime. They are not simply relationships between “ seller and buyer”, “ taxi driver and guests”, but members in a big family who understand you and try to give you the best.


Taking part in international tourism, we had got international tour operator Vietnam license issued by VNAT- Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - Government office of tourism in Vietnam. This license is a certification of Asia Plus Travel' bond at an approved bank to guarantee financial security in respect of customers’ advanced payments as well as the quality of travel services. Now, we have established close relationships with local suppliers and nationwide and international hotel systems.


Travelling with us, you can get unforgetable memmories. You explore by yourself and we always stand by you, know how to listen and how to advise and care.


Hanoi Sales Office:

Add: 4B3/ 195 Doi can street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: + 84 4 722 8112  - 8113 - 8114 (EXT: 101,102,103,104,105,106)              

Fax: + 84 4 7228115

Email: info@asiaplustravel.com.vn

Website: www.asiaplustravelvietnam.com / www.asiaplustravel.com.vn